Okay so my thing was write about a horror story about a scary Clown who comings crimes

Okay once a upon a time there was this kid name gorge and he loved to go watch clowns. So it was is birthday and his mom and dad took him to a carnival. Okay so he went on rides and played games and then he went home. While he was at the carnival his brother and sister set up a surprise party and they had a clown. When he got home there’s was the clown he had a big red clown nose colorful hair and big red boots. He said to his parents thank you for everything. But then in the night the clown came back and scared the little kid by saying I am going to kill you. So the kid screamed and screamed and his parents work up they said what the matter. So now gorge went to bed and then the clown came back and said my name is... to be continued


  1. Good story! This was slightly scare and I'm curious to see how it will be continued! Thank you for sharing this week.


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