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My super vilen

My supe vliian name is my Twix his weakness in my twirlers his fearness is mr skitles because I think a lot of people pick skilers over Twix. Next he is 23 years old and he lives in Alabama and he makes 1 millions per day.

Non fiction vs fiction

Okay so let’s start of by saying the Non fiction and fiction are different in there own ways. So let’s start. So Non fiction has real stuff like stuff about the 9/11 and how Altraz was the one of the worst prison. Next it also has biography witch tells about the famous people. Okay so fiction has made up stuff like Superman and hulk. So yeah

Winter break

Okay so over winter break I got an x box one and a switch. So are teacher asked us to do something productive and I read for 30 minuets. So on December 31 I went to s party and it didn’t end to 1:00 in the morning.

New year

One of my new years resolutions were to be taller then my mom and to make the 7 grade basketball team. Also another is to get better grades and do better in map.  So yeah those are some of my resolution so I hoped you liked them. Question of the day what are some of your New Years resolution.

Over Christmas break

Okay so what I am going to do is read for 30 minuets and go outside and play. Also I might watch tv because there is a lot of great shows.