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Part two of horror clown story

The krusty clown gorige said hu so then the clown said well I am going to kill you so the clown went into the shadow and said watch your back. So gorige was sacred and he went to bed scared. So the next day he said mom I saw a clown and he said I am going to kill you sand watch your back. Hold on there son clam down breathe.  Okay so gorige went to school and told all of his friends and they didn’t believe him but later that night the news went on and the reporter and said there was 2 murdes and the police found this a fake clolorfull wig. So the boy was scared he thought it was the clown but he was like na. So he went to bed and the clown came and said watch you back. Gorige was scared and he coved him self with a blanket and he went to sleep. The next morning he watched the news and they said that this clown was killing people gorige was scared but again he said na. So he went to school and then after he went to bed and the clown said one more time watch your back. So the news came o

Okay so my thing was write about a horror story about a scary Clown who comings crimes

Okay once a upon a time there was this kid name gorge and he loved to go watch clowns. So it was is birthday and his mom and dad took him to a carnival. Okay so he went on rides and played games and then he went home. While he was at the carnival his brother and sister set up a surprise party and they had a clown. When he got home there’s was the clown he had a big red clown nose colorful hair and big red boots. He said to his parents thank you for everything. But then in the night the clown came back and scared the little kid by saying I am going to kill you. So the kid screamed and screamed and his parents work up they said what the matter. So now gorge went to bed and then the clown came back and said my name is... to be continued

Happiest day every

My happiest day every is when I finally made dinner right and every in my family loved it it was great and they all said nice job sal. I love it Sal. Good job sal. It was the happiest day of my life.


Okay so I show gratitude by thanking other people for what they do for me. I also say thank you for like if my teacher helps me with something I say thank you. Next I also say thank you by if my mom helps me with something I say thank you.

Favorite city

My favorite city is Berwyn because there are a lot of food places and I can eat there. Next it is also my favorite city because there are peaks and school. Also we can have fun and enjoy the house.

My greatest achievement

My greatest achievement is when I made my first cake it wasn’t as good but my mom told me that you tried you best that all that matters. So I made a second one and it was delicious.

My favorite animal

Okay so my favorite animal is my dog daisy she is so cute and she loves to play. Okay so this is my dog and she loves to eat chicken and loves to take a walk.