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Should we where uninform

So I think we should’ where uninform because we have to exprice are felling and show are one look and plus who doesn’t like to where there  own clothes. Next you almost have to wash the uninform or try to look for siterin kind of pant and shirts. Also you don’t have to search for certain clothes but all you have to do is get any kid of clothes and where them to school.

Snow day

So my snow day was fun because I jumped from my stairs and into the snow. Next the snow was about 11 inches and I tried to make an igloo but it called pretty badly. So next me and my brother did a snowball fight but we won by one point. Next me and my brother went inside and eat some food. So then I went outside and then had another snowball fight but we won.

Opposing view

So I think that they should stay at SeaWorld because the people love them. Next it is also a fun thing to see and they have friends with them. Next it is a good thing to keep them there because the trainers can learn more about them. Like what are they saying when they make that sound or maybe how do they eat big pray.


Okay so in this movie there is people taking about how they saw tlikmem as a killer wale so this one worker dies and a lot of people are saying it was her fault. But I think it was tliklem. So I think they should not keep them at SeaWorld because they need to eat as much they want please release them. I also think it was tiklem because in the movie it says that he can get really mad. Also he got mad because they did not feed him so I think that why tliklem killed dawn.

Third quarter goals

My third quote goals are to get better grades and to be more hard working. Next I to pay more attention to what my teachers are saying. Also to not be afraid to say something.