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Best food ever

Me best food ever is Mac and Cheese because this has cheese and I love it. Next I love it because i can have it with ketchup. Next I love it because I just love it.

Singer vs writer

I should be a singer because I kida like to sing and to dance.

News this week

Okay so we all know that the los angles shooting was terrible because 56 people died 574 people injured so we found out that this is a day we will also never forget. Also you can see on the news that a lot people gather and prayed for people to make it if they got injured.


if I where president I would make somkeing no allowed. Next I would not have and guns or vlionce. Also I don't want anyone dead or hurt. Also I hope that we can have fun and not have to go in war. But if we do then I will. But I hope that never happenes.

Free blog

Okay so my favorite team is the goldenstats warriors and they are the best team in the league right now so it has Stephen curry and Kevin durneat also they have klay tomsnenn. So yeah it is my favorite team I also the jersey the shorts and the shoes so yeah I am a big fan.

We movement

Okay so the we movement is where you help the people in other countries and help them with food or  when they are born they have to work so this guy name reggae came and talked to us about that so we listened and it was a very good one.

Slice of life

Okay so yesterday I watched a movie and it was the maze runner and I enjoyed. Even tho I was the only one but anyway it was great and I loved it. Also I played basketball and played with my friends I think it was great.

Digital citizenship

I am going to help people bye helping them and make sure that they can get there work done and that I can to. Also I can help people by if they is a problem I can help them with there blog.