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Book review

So my book was  Timmy failure it is a book about the kid name Timmy and he make a lot of mistakes. He gets bulled a lot. So when I read it it was boring. But when I kept reading it it got more interesting. Sometimes there is some funny parts but overall it is a good book to read

Favorite quote

If you don’t fall how are you going to know what getting up is. Stephen Curry I think it means that is you don’t fall you are never go to have confidence in your self. Also when you do fall you have to get right back up and continue what your are doing and don’t be a quitter.

HMS and how to help it

To help HMS we need more rules so people can not go into schools and start shooting. Also we need more rules like no guns unless you are older than 25. So in a school in Florida a gun man opened fire and killed 17 people. So can you show support by donating money to the family’s. Also pray for them.

Chicago history

On October 10 1871 a big fire came and knocked down 17,500 buildings. It killed a lot of people. So this day we remember the people that died. 300 people burnt to crust.100,000 people homeless this was a very sad moment for Chicago.But on the bright side after the fire the their was more wood and metal then ever then they made from scratch.They built a town with wood then their was a fire called lil fire.

Sol 15

So on Saturday me and my family went to my game and we lost because of the refs know I know that you guys think that is is my fault but I went up to shot and I got fouled and the refs didn’t Call it so yeah. After the game me and my dad went to lunch I had a hot dog.

Sol day seven

Okay so today I woke up and it was like 6:45 and I was really tired and then or course my dog has to wake up. So then I have to take her out. Then I have to feed her. Next I had to get my brother to the bus so he can get to school. At school I watched videos like basketball and other stuff.

Slice of life one

Okay so today I woke up and my dog was on her bed sleeping so I go over there and then she wakes up because I was walking to hard. So then after that my mom said sal give daisy here medican because then she will get sick. So then I gave it to her and then she started licking her paws and then she woke up and then I had to take her up. So then after that I feed her and then I went to school.