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Dads birthday

So yesterday was my dads birthday and he got to pick out his cake, we sang happy birthday and he had a good time. He got these awesome t shirts and some fancy ones. When my mom and I asked him to try them on he did and he looked sharp. So we took him down town he had a blast and saw the river green.

Book club and option about book

This book is interesting it has lots of words and it tells a great story. There is some times where he feels down but gets back up. Here is an example, when junior doesn’t think he is going to make the basketball team. But he does he had to play defense against an huge kid he ends up winning and joining the team. My book club is good we talk and talk but sometimes we get off topic.

Brothers birthday

Yesterday was my brother birthday, we went to Olive Garden and ate some delicious food. Then the people who work there came and sang happy birthday to him. Also gave him this tick slice of cake. This cake was chocolate and whipped cream.

Final play

Saturday we had a game and we should of won but we didn’t. There was this one moment it was 21 to 23 and my friend drove in to the hoop, he got pushed in mid air and called an out bounce on us. Me coach was mad and got really mad. We lost the game.