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Incentive day

Okay so for Incentive day I picked to go to the gym and the Mpr. The reason for that is because there is basketball and I love to play the sport. So how we got it was we went up on two of three. So I did I went up on two so yeah. So tell me in the comet section below what you picked.

My most funny, Embarrassing moment every

Okay so my funny moment was when I got hit somewhere i did not what to get hit. So me and my sister were playing soccer and we in the backyard and she kicked it. Then the next thing I knew it was going straight toward me and then in a second boom in hit me in the nuts it hurt but it was also funny.


That word means to me when someone hurt you and it is not on purpose you can forgive them. So if you are like a person who sometimes hurt other people on ancted they are forgiveness because they are sorry for what they did.


What it means to me is that you can be trusted. So what I am saying is that if you tell lies know one is going to trust and you are not going to be trusted. So let’s get back one topic with honesty so you can be trusted and that you are honest when you did something wrong  like the time I got in trouble in school I told my mom everything. So that it was being honest.

My personal narrative

Okay so my personal narrative is when I got my dog. So when you see my narrative then you will know the time I got my dog. But let me tell you a little bit about her. So her name is Daisy and we don’t know how she but we still love her.

Slice of life

So tomorrow I have a game and I am really excited because I just am. So we are going against Ms.caps team and they seem okay. So we will see how it goes.

Map testing

So map testing is boring because you have to take a test. So it could ether be math,Reading or maybe even language. So the first test I took was math and it wasn’t that hard but really fun. So the next test was Reading that one was boring but less questions. Next was language it was shorter questions but mor questions. ( What I meant was it had more questions but the questions for the test was shorter)

Slice of life

Okay so on Thursday we walked to freedom to play them and it when pretty well. We won and we had great passes and great offense and defense. The score was like 25 to like 16

My free write

okay I am going to talk about a favorite game that I like to talk about no most of you know call of duty 3 and I love it. Also I think it has great controls and it has really good graphics . Next you can get the great guns and the great kills.